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Empowering Lives 
with Faith and Horses

God spoke to my heart many years ago, to share the knowledge I have learned.  I have dreamed of providing a place that combines the love for horses and a safe haven for others to learn and change the direction of their trail.

I grew up when a hand shake and your word was good and true.

I was in no way prepared to face the day to day world we live in. I grew up very naïve, with no one to guild me through this life's path.  I have been through so many hard experiences that have broke me down but through it all, God gave me my purpose.

I want this Sanctuary to open doors to empower others, to give them the opportunity to Be unique and true to themselves and to find out who they want to be in this life we have been given. My hope is for them to find a courage within their heart and see the joy derived through just a touch of these beautiful horse.

I want to listen to their stories and offer them the moments that God's Grace has given me.

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