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Prepare for Fire Season

Protocol for safety
July 8th

Fire Evacuation Preparedness Clinic!!!

Do NOT miss this life saving event!

Do you have an evacuation plan for your family and animals (large and small)?

A disaster can happen at a moment’s notice.

Come join us for a VERY informative clinic to be fully prepared for a fire evacuation.

Have peace of mind for you and your family. Fire season is right around the corner.

Journey to the Heart Horse Sanctuary was so thankful we had Hold Your Horses come to our sanctuary a month prior to having to evacuate 14 horses at a moment’s notice. We had the tools and information we needed to have a successful evacuation plan in place.


Speaker:   Lisa Masten:  

Member of the Hold Your Horses Livestock Emergency Evacuation Response Team



Journey to the Heart Horse Sanctuary

Georgetown, CA 95634


Date and Time;

July 8th at 9 am

(All Donations go to Journey to the Heart Horse Sanctuary – non profit)


Questions:    Crystal Barnum     (530) 863-3367

Cindy Pope Photography

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