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holy spirit and horses

Hosted by Journey to the Heart Horse Sanctuary

Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy


Cindy Pope Photography


FBEAP is based on the Bible and the wild herd behavior

We partner with Horses and the Holy Spirit to bring about biblical truths in your life.

This one-day retreat gives you the opportunity to grow into a deeper awareness of your Kingdom purpose through various exercises with Horses (no riding or experience needed)

1 Day with Horses and God

Leaving with Freedom and Purpose

Caroline Santo and her team will be the Facilitators for the Holy Spirit to give you revelations while in the Arena of Possibilities. During your Retreat there will be individual exercises and group exercises with the horses, leaving you not only memories of amazing experiences with the Holy Spirit, but you will have the confidence and direction to fulfill your true purpose in your present life.

` Location  Georgetown, CA.

` October 1 , 2022

` Cost  $125.

` 9 am - 4 pm

` Please bring a chair Bring snacks and lunch

` Contact Caroline Santo

   (916) 872-3879


This Weekend at Holy Spirit and Horse

was awesome!

At the end of the day I found myself not wanting to leave, Caroline had such a special and unique way of helping to guild you through whatever it might be that you feel is standing in your way of living a fulfilled Holy Spirit led life. God's purpose for my life is so much clearer after Holy Spirit and Horses. 



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