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Alex Young

Katherine Endriss-Pool
San Diego, CA

Project Manager


Katherine Endriss-Pool is an accounting student at San Diego Mesa Community College, balancing her studies with motherhood.

She recently completed her Associate's degree in Business Administration and is pursuing an Associate degree in Accounting to secure a stable future for herself and her four-year-old daughter, Kira.

A passionate advocate for domestic violence survivors, Katherine uses her journey to empower others. She broke free from an abusive relationship four years ago, demonstrating resilience in rebuilding her life.

The sanctuary’s values of personal growth, empowerment, accountability, and faith resonate deeply with Katherine's own values, guided by faith and a belief in the transformative power of divine love.

Katherine also volunteers with the Red Cross, educating youth on emergency preparedness. Despite the challenges of parenting and studying, she excels in financial accounting and taxation courses, aiming to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at SDSU and become a CPA.

Balancing her professional ambitions with motherhood, Katherine cherishes moments with Kira, blending bedtime stories with late-night study sessions and exploring outdoors. Looking ahead, she is focused on achieving her academic and career goals in public accounting or financial analysis, aiming to provide strategic financial guidance while nurturing a fulfilling family life.


March 14th, 1984

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