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Morgan Mare

The Journey to recovery is different for each one of us

So many times this road is more than just the healing of our outside scars. Sometimes the real healing begins with the scars we cannot see.  -CB


Scarlet had been found with scars all over her body, she had been a tripping horse. She was found by animal control, but her chances of being adopted were low, as she was untouchable.


Oakdale Equine Rescue reached out and opened their hearts to give her a chance. After caring for her and trying to halter her in early 2017, they asked if they could bring her to Journey to the Heart for an evaluation to see if she should be put down. She was very afraid and did not want to be touched. She would pin her ears and try to bite. Her hips and back were unsound and she couldn't stand or walk properly. 

Crystal spent time sitting in her corral everyday watching and talking to her. She let Scarlet take the first steps toward trusting her. Everyday Scarlet took a little more of a chance to let Crystal into her world. Their relationship began to grow and she began following Crystal everywhere. Scarlet can be a challenge to work with, with her ever-changing personality.
Crystal had to learn exactly where she could touch her and where she was too sensitive. Her scars on the 'inside' run much deeper than what is visible. Crystal could observe Scarlet having flashbacks when she would come close with a halter and lead rope. Crystal had made her a wooden name plate for her stall. Her personality, growing beauty and the letter S that had been carved into her shoulder acquired her the name Scarlet.
Soon, Scarlet and Crystal were taking walks and working on groundwork in the arena. She began trusting Crystal to walk over tarps and learned to touch things with her nose and regain her courage. She brought a smile to Crystal's face when she would come running to her name, eager for their daily adventure.

Crystal was so proud of all the progress that she had made and was sure nothing would stop this progression, but very quickly Crystal's health began to fade and she barely had the energy to spend time with Scarlet. Crystal was told that she needed major surgery and would be down for awhile. 


Jeannine at Oakdale Equine Rescue offered to take Scarlet back because Crystal would not be able to work with her for some time.

Crystal had developed such a love and a bond with this beautiful horse that she struggled to give her up but wanted to do what was best for her. She had never intended to keep her. Journey to the Heart, at that time, was a training facility and Crystal only had working horses there. Her body was scarred and unsound. She would most likely never be a riding horse, just a pasture friend.

Crystal talked it over with several people, the vet, and other horse professionals. They all gave Crystal a multitude of reasons why remaining at Journey to the Heart would be in her best interest. All who visit the Journey to the Heart love her. She seems to touch the hearts of all who meet her, even though she is not yet trusting of them. Crystal decided to take this time to give her the opportunity to finish healing and growing into the majestic horse she has become.

After was Crystal's time to heal, she could hear Scarlet outside calling for her. After a few weeks, Crystal gained enough strength to reach back out to Jeannine and Lora and let them know how much she loved and wanted to adopt Scarlet to make this safe haven her forever home.

With a heart filled thank-you to Oakdale Equine Rescue

for all you do to give each one of these precious souls the chance for a Beautiful New Story!

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