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Immune System

Right now more than ever we need a boost

for ourselves and our animals

We are Proud to be apart of this amazing new productOur Sanctuary has been privileged to worked closely with Dr Dean


We have used these patches on horses that are Colicing, Laminitis, Founder , Abcesses, Stress  


Immune System

This new patch has compounds that are not found in any other products. This unique patch combines Alpha Lipoic Acid with several essential minerals and homeopathic compounds combined with specific wavelengths and frequencies to create a powerful bio-electric formula. The effect on the animal is to support the immune system, and rebalance abnormal electrical changes, through an enhanced activated compound. Together they create an immediate, whole-body response targeted to the immune system.

α-Lipoic acid (ALA) has been termed the 'ideal' antioxidant, a readily absorbed and bioavailable compound capable of scavenging a number of free radicals, and it has been used for treating diseases in which oxidative stress plays a major role. The activated form of this compound is what is placed on this patch which causes an immediate change in the immune function.

Essential minerals are also a vital component of the solution applied to the patch. It is well documented that minerals support all aspects of a healthy animal. They are also vital to the value of the compound because of their ionic qualities which can hold energetic frequencies. Calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc are the most prominent minerals of the solution.

Homeopathic products have long been used as an alternative healing compound. The idea of a small dose of a substance, that will trigger a healing response in the body has been utilized for the last century. Homeopathic tinctures of Gelsemium, Allium cepa are components of the solution applied to the patch.

Animals with upper respiratory congestion have found a response within five minutes of applying the patch. Specifically, application of the patch, will in most instances create easier breathing with much fuller breaths, less chest/lung tightness and dramatically reduce cough.

Applications for the Immune Support Patch would include conditions with a compromised immune system.

The immune patch for Animals is used with great success in a Horse Rescue Farm in Northern California "Barnum Farms". It is used when the animal is sick or distressed. Other conditions include stiffness, arthritis and aging in general. They have also found benefit helping animals with colic, and other digestive conditions.

Patch placed on the head of the horse was used to calm the animal and reduce anxious, restless symptoms.

Infrared study showing the change in inflammation of the horse.


Pain Patch

Bolt Pain Patch

A small beige colored patch that has the same qualities of Bolt Tape. The applications and qualities of this product are the same as the longer 8 inch Bolt Tape product. Some of the most successful placements include, the neck, extremities such as wrists, ankles and elbows. It will last 3-5 days of continual wear. Just place it on the pain. The beige color is favored by some, with an interest in wearing a discrete patch.

Each Bolt Tape patch provides effective relief for acute, mild to moderate pain associated with muscle strains, inflammation, arthritis, headaches and other injury/illness symptoms.

  • Drug-free pain relief

  • No side effects, 100% Natural Ingredients applied to the tape

  • Non-absorbed, Water resistant

  • Safe, even for children

  • Relief for up to 3-5 days

  • Improved mobility

  • Faster muscle soreness recovery

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