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Alex Young

Kiger Draft


Bear, a beautiful gelding, was dropped off at Journey to the Heart. He was out of a kill pen. Journey to the Heart is his seventh stop since then.

Unfortunately his issues had not be recognized and he was very shut down.

The team at Journey to the Heart wondered how long it had been since he ever felt safe enough to relax.


He is definitely afraid of ropes when I walked into his paddock with the halter and lead, he acted like I was going to beat him, etc....I stepped back and gave him some space, Letting him know that I saw he was nervous. I worked with him and he finally Completely turned, faced me and came to me. 

Day 2
I sat in the middle of the round pen with no physical connection to him and let him come down himself. I saw the same whole body twitching, Some licking and chewing, then a couple yawns, then he laid down and rolled.

Day 3
I’m excited to do more focus and relaxation work with him and watch him let down and release all his anxiety. I have never seen a horse blink quite like this though.

Day 4
I sat in the middle of the round pen again after standing with him for almost an hour just letting him continue to come down and release!! Constant yawning today much bigger releases than yesterday. When I let him go , gave him some space and sat down, he came up to me after a few minutes and started nuzzling my face for a couple minutes. He then stood over me and Yawned and Yawned and Yawned....
Tears of joy

Day 5
He was really trying to get my attention today. He Whinnied every time he saw me and would come right up to me and nuzzle my arm. I sat in the round pen with him again and after a lot of licking and chewing he stood next to me and fell asleep.
Today His personality started to come out.

Day 6
He came right up to me as I entered his stall, I started some easy ground work giving him a long Pause and waiting for that lick and chew in between each ask. I let him loose in the arena which is surrounded by the corrals of other horses. He chose to follow me around while I move things around in the arena. He continues to touch my arm with his muzzle whenever he gets a chance.

Day 7
Is Today!! 

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