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We are excited to announce our VIRTUAL, SYMBOLIC ADOPT A HORSE PROGRAM thru Journey to the Heart Horse Sanctuary. 

We have 14 life timers, horses who will always live at our sanctuary. They will be well cared for and live their lives out at the Sanctuary. Each of the 14 horses are very special and they all have special needs; hay, grain, trimming, veterinarian, medications, etc. Our new program hopes to help with those expenses by offering a virtual HORSE FOR ADOPTION for $25 a month. There can be multiple adoptions for each horse. Of course the horse you adopt will stay at the Sanctuary. You will receive a digital picture and bio write-up of your horse, while following them on the Sanctuary Facebook page.


For $50 a month you will receive a digital picture, bio write-up of your horse, a monthly video of your horse while following them on the Sanctuary Facebook page or a chance to meet and visit with your horse, perhaps even help groom him/her.


For 3,700 you provide full yearly care for a horse. you will receive a digital picture, bio write-up of your horse, a monthly video and Face time with your horse while following them on the Sanctuary Facebook page or a chance to meet and visit with your horse, perhaps even help groom him/her.


Please take a look and see if one or two strikes your fancy. Think about giving an adoption as a gift for a child, a horse lover, yourself or in Memory of...


Feel free to share this post with all your friends!

Your donation will help provide for your adopted horse and assist with the additional needs of the Sanctuary.

Virtual adoption

Extra Support for Hannah

Hannah has had a lot going on for months now.

We are doing a variety of therapies on her.

If you would like to help and donate to her recovery

Please click the link below.


I'm Scarlet a Morgan Mare. I was found fleeing with My baby from a Terrible Mexican tripping horse situation.

Welcome to our Home

"Journey to the Heart"

Horse Sanctuary

where we have been given New names and New Stories

Hay I'm Handsome Rob. I was unsafe for riding. Fortunately I found my way here
I'm Samson, I was found and rescued out of someone's garage. I have both physical and emotional challenges. My Home here is devoted to helping me through this past trauma.

I'm Bear a 7 yr old Kiger/Draft

I was rescued from the kill pen. This is my 7th home in a short period of time and this is my forever home 

I'm Hercules, I was saved from the kill pen where I was burned with a cattle prod and deathly afraid of humans. My forever home is this sanctuary
I'm Gypsy, I am the fun one!!
I love playing games with the Volunteers. This is my permanent home
I'm Daisy, I was abandoned
and found my way here
I'm Josey, I was born at the SPCA. I was unable to be adopted out and had health issues. I needed a home that could work with me.
Hidalgo, Passed away on the 7th day of the Mosquito Fire evacuation on September 7, 2022.
The stress of it all was more then he could handle! 
He was the most loving and gentle Stallion.
He will truly be missed!

I'm Shasta, When I came here I was in a comatose state for months. I have emotional and physical issues now being helped
I'm Hannah, I was against being adopted out, so this is my forever home


  Here at Journey to the Heart an important part of our mission

is to become avid listeners of the horse in an effort to share their messages

and teachings with the public.

We believe words carry powerful energy and thoughts are like prayers.  Therefore, we choose to share the horse's stories and gifts as they are now, in this moment, in order to promote healing and a state of well being.  The horses have asked us to let go of past history so they can release it and move forward. Every horse here has a magnificent contribution of courage, hope, and the capacity for forgiveness and change.  This is what they would like to share in an effort to support others

in re-writing their own stories. ~Terry Kuebler

Our Horses
BeFunky_BeFunky_downloadravs (2)7

In Memory of


March 10, 2022

We miss you!!

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