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Creating Change in the Blink of an Eye

Integral Eye Movement Therapy/Technique (IEMT) is a brief change technique that can reduce the negative emotional states that are associated with past memories/events. 


IEMT is an excellent tool for dealing with a wide range of emotional issues.  
It is particularly effective in dealing with: 


  • Stress and Anxiety  

  • PTSD and Flashbacks

  • Insomnia  

  • Feelings of guilt, regret and remorse

  • Fears and phobias  Dealing with overwhelm   

  • Removing negative memories and traumatic experiences

  • Panic attacks

  • Trauma  

  • Overcoming long term identity issues such as divorce 


The mind encodes memories/emotions through visual, auditory, gustatory or kinesthetic experiences. Pleasant memories tend to be timestamped and have a nice feeling/emotion attached to the memory. Traumatic memories may not have a timestamp, where the memory tends to get stuck in a loop so that the memory feels like it’s happening in real time. This shows up in PTSD.  IEMT helps the client leave the past negative emotional states where they belong - in the past. I like to say that we are solving for X… meaning that the memory and/or emotion just cannot find the appropriate answer to exit the problem state. It just keeps revisiting the emotional imprints until it finds the correct variable.

IEMT explores the question… “how did the person learn to feel this way”?

"how do they experience the problem and what keeps it locked in its place"? This process opens up the possibility to create real change in our lives!!

Change is within your Vision

Appointments available

In person or on Zoom


The Journey to get here...

Crystal Anna is Certified Unhackable Life

Coach, Certified  Equine Assisted Learning

Practitioner, Certified  IEMT Practitioner,

Crystal spent 20 years in the Health and

Fitness industry as a Trainer.

Crystal Anna has a unique approach with intuition, extensive 

experience, Biofeedback and other Holistic modalities to help

her clients created change and be able to move forward in their lives.


As a certified life coach, I have dedicated my life to helping individuals achieve their dreams and live a fulfilling life. I am passionate about empowering my clients to overcome obstacles and reach their potential. I know that every individual has the potential for greatness, and I am committed to helping them discover it. Together we will find clarity, set achievable targets, and create actionable plans that will enable you to live your best life.


I want to share my story with you to help you understand my motivation for creating this Sanctuary to help transform the lives of horses and people. My journey to this place in my life was not an easy one, but I'm certain that this was God’s plan for me, and I'm grateful for the chance to work with amazing people to create a safe place that can change lives forever.

I have had quite the life that had left a battlefield of scars inside and out.  My early development began with a mother who neglected and then abandoned us when I was young,  I became responsible for helping raise my younger brothers. As I got older, I was involved in several abusive relationships, which included physical, mental and financial abuse. I was left penniless several times, and at one point, all I had was my car and my horse. It was quite a sight to see my driving slowly down the road holding the lead rope to my horse!

Even with all the terrible setbacks, God kept talking to me. He kept telling me He had a plan - and I continued to listen (although sometimes it was very hard). Finally, through all the abuse, trauma, and near death experiences. I had the opportunity to invest in this now beautiful Sanctuary to start this Place of Healing. I poured myself into healing myself both physically and mentally, I took my education to higher levels and developed the skills to not only help myself release the past and create space for an abundant new life, but to be able to help others step into their light.


Here at the Sanctuary we are now using these unadoptable horses that we rescued to also transform the lives of people through Equine assisted learning. We also created a program for abused women so I can share my story and help give them a safe place and provide emotional healing.


Thank you for listening and for all your support and prayers.


Crystal  Anna


Free Phone Consultation

I want to get to know you. I offer a free 10-20 minute phone consultation prior to any face-to-face or zoom session. This will help us both determine some basic goals, expectations, and to see if we are a good fit. 


Sessions are 50-minutes

Unless under unique circumstances, sessions are 50-minutes in length. If you are interested in a different time-length, please discuss alternative options with me. I offer both in-office and Telehealth options at this time. 

First Session Includes Paperwork

Your first session will include discussing and signing some paperwork, which will describe the counseling experience and provide space for you to ask any questions about the process. 


Payment is Due at the time of Booking

We will determine together a rate that works for you, and it will be due at the beginning of each session via cash, check, or card. I am private pay only, and am not in network with any insurance providers at this time. I offer $100 to Volunteers and partnerships, $150 for those less affected by financial stressors. $175 if you would like to donate $25 to someone who is unable to afford help.



For every 10 paying referrals you receive 1 free session!

Active Weekly Sanctuary Volunteers receive a discounted rate!


You Will Have My Direct Cell

I intentionally use my direct cell for clients and believe that this allows a healthy genuineness to the therapeutic experience. We will discuss some boundaries and limitations around this during your first session. 


Equine Sessions

Please visit the  "Clinic" tab for details around Natural Lifemanship Equine Assisted Learning.


Contact Me  530-863-3367


Client Feedback

I’m very grateful to Crystal for my IEMT sessions.
Both were done in person and were simple, powerful and profound. We started with
surface memories and very quickly moved through deep, long forgotten childhood
issues that I had no idea existed much less shaped my behavior.
Crystal was very professional and supportive, continually reminding me to breathe and
focus on the memories while going through the eye movements
It felt noninvasive while still creating huge energetic movement and significant
emotional change.
Thank you again! I highly recommend this modality. ~Terry


I am SO glad that I was able to do an IEMT session with Crystal! It was an in-person
session and in just one appointment I was able to make so much progress. I have been in
counseling many times with great therapists that used various modalities, such as Brain
Spotting. I found IEMT to be a more direct route, with less time taken in discussing
background and more time in addressing actual memories and perceptions. I was able to 
leave the session feeling more grounded, integrated, clear thinking and free of so much
that had been triggering and weighing me down emotionally. Crystal was professional,
gave the impression that she was well versed in what she was doing and the atmosphere
was comfortable and put me at ease. When my emotions overwhelmed me, Crystal knew
exactly what to do to talk me through it, offer me comfort and peace, and keep
processing. It was a fantastic experience and I can't wait to recommend her to all of my clients and friends! ~Jen

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