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Animal Love


We have both

Remote and

On Site

positions for

the Horse

and Human





Also ask about Micro-Volunteering!

Board Members

Volunteer Board Members wanted ( Local in Person or Remote Position):
The Sanctuary is looking for additional active Board Members.

Requires someone who is aligned in Faith

and committed to the Sanctuary mission. 

Fundraiser Position

Volunteer Fundraisers – (Remote or On-Site Positions):
Someone who is self-motivated with innate social skills, eager to raise funds and build interest for our
on-site activities and operation. Specific positions include:  
~ Fundraiser Committee Leader
~ Fundraising Helper
~ Setting up a single Fundraiser

Join our amazing team who are passionate about helping people and horses

Technical Support

Grant Writer

Volunteer Grant Writer (Remote Position):

A person who enjoys research, writing, and is self-motivated, reliable and organized. You will gain
highly-valuable skills and experience through this organization's platform by utilizing the classes and
continued education literature in which the organization has access to as a non-profit.

Volunteer Technical Support

(Remote Position):
We rely on Google, Constant Contact, Wix, Social media channel administration (Facebook,
YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn) to share our mission. We are seeking someone experienced in these
applications, self-directed and tech savvy to resolve issues that arise. Also, someone to serve as a
Website and/or Facebook administrator. This person may also be called upon to assist others less
tech-savvy in solving technical issues.

Design Position

Volunteer Merchandise designer / Online Shop Keeper (Remote Position) Looking for a person who enjoys Creating, Designing and technically savy. You would be helping to create products for the Sanctuary to sell and adding them to the Online shop on the Website.

Administrative Assistant

Corporate / Public 
Sponsor Relations

Volunteer Corporate Public Relations / Marketing (Remote Position):
Responsible for the creation, planning and execution of marketing efforts, including public relations,
publicity and communication strategies that will enhance the awareness of our organization’s mission.

Volunteer Administrative 

(Remote Position):  Looking for Administrative help for both the Sanctuary and the Women's Program. This position
supports other volunteer's and enjoys research and writing; is self-motivated, reliable, organized, thorough
and timely. Good communication skills and knowledge of word processer and spreadsheet software
are essential.

Financial Advisor

Insurance Advisor

Volunteer Insurance Advisor 

(Remote Position):
If you are or were an Insurance Agent or have knowledge of the insurance industry, we need you to
share your expertise with us.

Volunteer Financial Advisor

(Remote Position):
Someone who likes working with numbers. Will assist with the monitoring and tracking of the day-day
operational finances and provide analytical reports, as required.

Volunteer Writer 

Volunteer Attorney

Volunteer Writer

(Remote Position):
If you love to write and be creative, we would really appreciate that skill on our team to help with a variety of things.

Volunteer Attorney 

(Remote Position):
If you are a licensed attorney, we would very much value your expertise to help with Non profit documents from time to time.

Non-Profit Advisor

Volunteer Support


Volunteer Support Coordinator

(Remote Position):

A Volunteer Coordinator, or Volunteer Program Coordinator, is responsible for overseeing Volunteer activities within an organization. Their duties include interviewing and hiring Volunteers, offering support, placing Volunteers in different roles based on their qualifications and maintaining accurate Volunteer records. Strengthening the volunteer infrastructure.

Non-Profit Advisor

(Remote Position):
Looking for someone with Non-Profit Board experience to be apart of the team.

Women Support Programs 

(Remote Position): Provide support

for the Women's programs.

Women Programs Support

Social Media / Web Design Help

Volunteer Social Media / Web Design (Remote Position):
Requires someone with Web Design/Social Media experience to assist in developing content for
blogs, posts and tweets on various social media platforms. Knowledge and understanding of
technology issues affecting not-for-profit organizations is a plus. An individual who has the ability to
work under supervision and/or independently as a designer/developer/programmer of a wide variety
of web projects. (We use Wix as our platform.) Able to handle the production and editing of graphics,
producing online documents and video sources is desirable.


Horse Internship


Horse Internship Program description coming soon.....

Event Planner

The Sanctuary is looking for a Volunteer who loves to plan and organize Events, Clinics, Parties..... Put your skill and love for planning into purpose!!

Facility Maintenance

There is always something that needs to be done around the Sanctuary barns,

 paddocks, or pastures.  If you can help with minor repairs or maintenance such as fence and gate maintenance, structure repairs, feeder/waterer repairs, sweeping out the stalls, blowing the barn areas, or other unexpected repairs, we could use your help.  We also need occasional help installing new fencing, re-configuring panels, setting things up, redoing the stall mats......

Please fill free the reach out to us and share with us your talents.
Also ask about Micro-Volunteering!

Come Work With Us

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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