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We would love to get your feedback on your experiences here at the Sanctuary                                       

All the horses that arrive to Journey to the Heart sanctuary in Georgetown, CA get new names in part to put their old abusive story in the past. I met the most amazing women here. The horses have come from such abusive situations and Crystal has such love and understanding for them they change from fearful to trusting loving beings. They have a beautiful life now with her in such a beautiful place . My heart is forever better having been here and seen what the magic of love can do. I will take it home and live better because of this experience with these women, these horses, this place. I have not quit smiling. Thank you dear Crystal Anna our world needs about 20 million more of you.

-- Cindy

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Making a Difference


Here is an Email from the Clinic here called" The energy of Connection"


I am overwhelmed by the impact your clinic had on my 15-year-old daughter. She is a survivor of domestic violence. Though she had horses most of her life, in the last two years she has struggled with severe depression & anxiety. Her trainer suggested all of her students including my daughter come to your clinic. I was worried as this was the first time (in a very long time) she has wanted to go someplace away from home. I waited most of the day for a call, possibly requesting me to come to rescue her (due to being overwhelmed by her surroundings). The exact opposite happened. Though she did come home & displayed some of her OCD/ADHD behaviors, it was only for a very short period of time before she settled down. I found her beautiful notes from your clinic & broke out in tears. You touched not only her heart but helped her to connect emotion with spiritual energy and how it affects her & those around her. This morning she immediately went out to work with her 7-year-old OTTB Lilibet. I've been watching her implement the phenomenal tools/skills she learned with you all. Thank you for giving us the priceless gift of your knowledge & compassion. I can't wait to see what the coming weeks, months, and years bring. We will definitely be back for additional clinics!!!

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