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Who We Are

What We Do

Who We Serve

We are a sanctuary for people and horses led by women committed to empowering others to make permanent change in themselves to improve their lives. 

Our dedicated team offers a variety of trauma-informed care and Equine-Assisted activities specifically designed to empower individuals to move past trauma and thrive.

Women seeking support, tools, and resources to make positive change in their lives through personal development and trauma-informed care, in a community committed to wellness.  


We believe each individual is accountable for her/his own actions. By holding oneself accountable, one can begin to create change. 

Personal Growth

We create a learning environment for women to set goals and measure outcomes.


We strive to empower women to achieve their highest quality of life through helping them build relationship skills, and move past trauma.


The Divine in Us

We recognize the profound importance of God's presence in our mission to heal both horses and individuals impacted by trauma. Guided by faith, we believe in the inherent dignity of every living being and the transformative power of divine love. Our work is imbued with prayers and reflections.

We witness God's grace at work in the gentle nuzzle of a horse's muzzle and the quiet moments of reflection. He offers solace and strength to both our equine companions and those seeking refuge from the shadows of trauma. With every step towards healing, we are reminded of the profound truth that we are all beloved children of a compassionate Creator. Through our sanctuary's embrace, we strive to embody God's unconditional love and mercy, fostering a haven of hope and healing for all who walk through our gates.

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