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In order to ensure the safety and privacy of adult, youth, and child victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking and their families, it is the policy of Journey to the Heart to protect the confidentiality and privacy of those who seek services and to hold confidential all personally identifying or individual information, communications, observations, and information made by, between, or about service participants, including the identity of service participants. The Board and all agents, employees, consultants, and volunteers are charged with maintaining the confidentiality of service participants as outlined in Journey to the Heart policies and in federal and state law. Journey to the Heart shall not disclose any personally identifying information or individual information collected in connection with services requested, utilized, or denied through its programs or reveal any individual client information without the informed, written, reasonably time-limited consent of the person about whom information is sought. Journey to the Heart will avoid any inadvertent release of personally identifying information or individual information about any service participant. The obligation to maintain confidentiality does not end when the service to a participant is concluded. Confidentiality extends to all current and former service participants, including those who were denied services.
It is also the policy of Journey to the Heart to keep the physical address of any undisclosed agency locations, as well as the employment, residence, and family addresses of service participants, staff, volunteers, counselors, advocates, board members, and student interns confidential. 
Staff, volunteers, counselors, advocates, consultants, board members, student interns, and Journey to the Heart must understand that their employment or volunteer position is contingent on adherence to confidentiality. Service participants must understand that their receipt of services is contingent on rigid adherence to confidentiality.

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