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Founder's Story 
Crystal Anna

I want to share my story with you to help you understand my motivation for creating Journey to the Heart to help transform the lives of people and horses. My journey to this place in my life was not an easy one, but I'm certain that this is God’s plan for me, and I'm grateful for the chance to work with amazing people to create a safe place that can change lives forever.

When I was young, I lived next to a ranch that had wild horses. Watching them run in the pasture was an amazing sight, and I fell in love with them and knew I wanted some of my own. My father told me if I wanted horses, I would have to pay for them, so at the age of 8 I started working weekends at a horse ranch so I fund my own herd. I had rescued several horses, built myself a round pen, and was working towards my dream.


My personal life would not be so wonderful. My mother abandoned us when I was young, and I was responsible for helping raise my younger brothers. As I got older, I was involved in several unhealthy relationships, which included physical and mental abuse. I was left penniless several times, and at one point, all I had was my car and my horse. It was quite a sight to see my driving slowly down the road holding the lead rope to my horse!

Even with all the terrible setbacks, I listened for divine guidance. I trusted God's plan and I continued to trust (although sometimes it was very hard). Finally, after all the hard times and near death experiences I had the opportunity to invest in this beautiful property to start a place of healing and rehabilitation for people and horses.


As it has been said, “If you build it, they will come.” And come they did. I already had a few rescue horses, and then word spread that I would take the more difficult horses. We now have 27 horses that have found sanctuary here. 


These once abused and discarded horses are assisting in Equine-Assisted Learning/Therapy to help transform the lives of people.


Journey to the Heart provides programs for women so I can share my story and help give women a safe place and provide emotional healing.


Thank you for listening and for all your support and prayers.

Crystal Anna

CEO & Founder

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